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What to look out for when using wet wipes on cats

Have a cat who absolutely hates bathing ? Lack the equipment to bathe your cat comfortably?

Wet wipes for cats come to the rescue! Most useful for travelling and visits to the veterinarian, wet wipes can be used at home to clean your cat on a weekly basis for overall hygiene or daily cleaning for senior cats who need extra grooming care.

Cat cleaning wipes generally contain ingredients to help soften and condition your cat’s coat. Alcohol and paraben free, cat wipes are dermatologically formulated and manufactured with your cat’s safety as top priority. Cat wipes that contain oatmeal or aloe vera, are highly recommended for cats with dry or flaky skin conditions to renew and moisturise their skin.

Convenient and simple to use, select a time when your cat is feeling relaxed to start the cleaning session in a comfortable position while bonding with your feline friend.

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