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Sphynx cats for sale singapore


The Sphynx

Some people find hairless cats to be off-putting because of their alien-like features, but Sphynxes are one of the most devoted, loving, and lively cats out there. They have outgoing personalities that always demand your attention, and they love being sociable around people. They are incredibly charming creatures that enjoy rubs and treats, just like any other cat breed. Sphynxes are playful and their physical agility will amaze you, as they like to climb up on high furniture and jump from perch to perch. They tend to follow their humans around and will show their love by wagging their tails and giving cuddles. They love to purr to show their affection and will always be willing to curl up under the covers with their humans!

Brief history of Sphynxes

The origins of hairless cats can be traced back more than a century ago, when the Aztecs were believed to have specifically kept hairless cats as pets. In more recent times, the Sphynx cat breed was founded by chance in 1975 when three hairless kittens were found in Minnesota and Ontario, of which they were then bred to form the Sphynx breed we know of today.



Sphynxes do not have fur coats, whiskers, or eyelashes. They have muscular and rounded torsos, and have prominent cheekbones that accentuate their big eyes. Sphynxes also have big ears in proportion to their skulls, and have long, flexible tails that taper at the end. Sphynxes are suede-like to the touch and are wrinkly on some parts of their body and head. Distinct colouration and patterns can be seen on their skin even with the absence of fur. This breed is hypoallergenic.


General care guide

Sphynx cats require greater attention to their grooming needs. In the absence of fur, their skin becomes oily which may lead to clogged pores. Their skin needs to be washed and cleaned weekly to remove its oily residues, especially around the outer ear area to prevent ear infections. Their nails must be trimmed and cleaned regularly to prevent a build-up of wax. Like other cat breeds, they require your love and attention to ensure a happy and healthy cat. Other general health, nutritional, and dental care applies.


Interesting fact: Sphynxes are not entirely hairless cats; they actually have fine, fuzzy hair - similar to that of a peach!

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