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persian kittens for sale in singapore


The Persian Cat

As one of the oldest cat breeds, the Persian cat is one of the most regal and dignified cat breeds in the world. They give off an air of royalty with their sweet and easy-going nature. Persians are selectively affectionate and intelligent, and are rarely demanding as they prefer being relaxed. But this doesn't mean that they aren't curious or playful. They enjoy cat toys and play time is typically a casual affair because these Persians thrive in calm and predictable environments, but are also able to adapt to changes in their living space. If you and your family are looking for the perfect lap cat, then the Persian is the ideal feline companion for you. 


Brief history of Persians 

 The origins of the Persian cat breed can be traced back to one of the first urban civilisations on Earth, the Mesopotamia (around 4000 BCE), which was then known as Persia and now known as Iran. This breed's long hair is a product of natural mutation from centuries ago, and back then Persian cats only had silky gray fur. Now, due to selective breeding, Persian cats come in a multitude of colours and bi-colours. 



Persian cats are medium-sized and have distinctive features. They have large, round heads, large eyes, short noses, full cheeks and small ears with rounded tips. They have short necks and short yet sturdy legs with round and firm paws. Their tails are short but typically proportional to their body. Persians are a long-haired breed, with silky, thick coats and a ruff around their necks. They have full tufts of fur on their ears, chests, and their tails. The Persian cat breed is most exceptionally admired for their infinite configurations of coat colour and pattern variations. This breed is non-hypoallergenic. 


General care guide

Persian cats are not known for their high energy, so special attention must be given to managing their diet and exercise. As Persians have long, luxurious coats, they must be brushed and combed daily to keep their coats from tangling. Regular bathing is also recommended. This breed is also susceptible to excessive tearing, so the corners of their eyes must be cleaned daily to prevent under-eye stains. Other general health, nutritional, and dental care applies. 


Interesting fact: The Persian cat was Queen Victoria's favourite cat breed, which is why we associate the breed with royalty.

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