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Ragdoll kittens for sale in singapore


The Ragdoll

The Ragdoll cat is the best cat companion for those living in apartments. Known for their docile and charming disposition, Ragdoll cats love cuddling and will greet their humans at the door when they return home. This breed is highly intelligent and can pick up new tricks like fetch, as well as learn positive behaviours such as utilising scratch posts. They also have sociable personalities and will swiftly adapt well to changes in their living environment. Ragdoll cats are the best companions for those looking for easy-going, versatile, and affectionate cats. 


Brief history of Ragdolls 

 This breed was created in California in the 1960s by Ann Baker, who created illustrious stories about its genetic origins (such as alien interference, CIA experiments, and other outrageous claims). What we know for certain is that this breed was created from a mix of the Burmese, Birman, and Persian cat breeds.


Ragdolls are most notable for their large size and plush, semi-long coat. They typically appear larger than they are because of their medium-sized head in proportion to their large bodies and thick, silky coat. They typically have light-coloured bodies and darker face, legs, tail and ears. Their limbs and tail are long and heavily-boned, and their paws are large-sized and padded with fur tufts. Ragdolls also have strikingly blue oval eyes. This breed is non-hypoallergenic. 


General care guide 

 Ragdoll cats, while naturally inquisitive and active, require attention when it comes to their exercise. They need interactive exercise to maintain their health and fitness, and this should be done daily. Their luxurious coats are easy to manage and because they don't have undercoats, they only require brushing twice weekly to prevent tangles. Though Ragdolls are known for their fatty pad on their lower abdomen, care must be given in ensuring that they don't over-indulge and get overweight. Other general health, nutritional, and dental care applies. 


Interesting fact: The Ragdoll cat breed got its name from the way these cats flop over happily when they're held, just like a ragdoll!

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