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muchkin kittens for sale singapore


The Munchkin

The Munchkin cat is an adorable cat that is most recognised for its small limbs on their regular-sized bodies, but don't be fooled - they can move around just fine! Munchkins are naturally outgoing and affectionate, and are constantly curious. They are also intelligent and playful cats that can be taught to play fetch and obey vocal commands. They get along well with other humans and pets, and are devoted to their humans. Even with short legs, they fancy climbing up on high surfaces just like their long-legged counterparts.

Brief history of Munchkins

Short-legged cats have been around since the early 1930s in England, but it was not until 1983 in Louisiana that the breed managed to flourish. From then on, studies were done to uncover the biology behind the Munchkin's short legs, and it was found that a spontaneous genetic mutation, otherwise known as dwarfism, was the cause of their condition.



Munchkins have extremely short legs, long torsos, and tails that span the length of their bodies. They have flat foreheads and prominent cheekbones, as well as perky ears. They have alert, walnut shaped eyes that can vary in colour. Their fur coat also varies in pattern and colour, and long-haired Munchkins have long, silky, thick coats with fluffy tails while short-haired Munchkins have short, less-dense coats that appear glossy. This breed is hypoallergenic.


General care guide

Cats with dwarfism such as the Munchkin cat are susceptible to various spinal and joint problems, so owners should always carefully monitor the condition of their cat. Munchkins may also lack the dexterity to groom their bodies, so regular grooming is necessary, especially for long-haired Munchkins. Other general health, nutritional, and dental care applies.


Interesting fact: Munchkins, dubbed as the 'magpies' of cats, are attracted to shiny things and will often borrow them to play with later.

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