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Welcome to Designer Bengal Singapore, where we offer the most adorable, playful, and friendly, wide range of exotic kittens for sale. We are a boutique cattery dedicated to offer the highest quality kittens that are not only beautiful but also healthy, well-socialized, and well-behaved.

Our kittens are raised in a loving and nurturing environment, with plenty of human interaction and socialization from birth. They are fed with the best quality food (Designer Cats Gourmet Food) and receive regular veterinary check-ups to ensure they are in excellent health. As a result, our gorgeous kittens are not only stunningly beautiful, with their distinctive coat patterns and glittering eyes, but they are also intelligent, affectionate, and full of personality.

We take pride in our program, which focuses on their well being. This is to ensure that they have excellent health, temperament, and conformation, which is why our kittens have exceptional features and personalities that are hard to find anywhere else. 

When you purchase a kitten from us, you can rest assured that you are getting a healthy, happy, and well-adjusted pet that will bring you years of joy and companionship. We provide a health guarantee for all our kittens, ensuring that they are free from any genetic defects or illnesses. Our kittens also come with a comprehensive package as listed below.

Our clients' satisfaction is our top priority, and we strive to make the handover process as smooth and stress-free as possible. We offer personalized consultations to help you choose the perfect kitten for your family, and we provide ongoing support and advice to ensure your new pet thrives in its new home.

If you are looking for a unique, exotic, and loving companion, a kitten from Designer Bengal Singapore is the perfect choice for you. Contact us today to schedule a visit and fall in love with one of our adorable kittens.

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Available Kittens

Pay with Atome!

Buy-Now-Pay-Later with Atome is available for all purchases in store. 3 months interest free instalment.

Please ensure that you have already registered as an Atome user in Singapore* and/or have downloaded the Atome app on your mobile phone. If you have not, you may sign up and download the app here or you may visit the Atome website.


Kittens for sale

Breeds Available For Sale

Bengal • Sphynx • Toyger • Munchkin • Maine Coon •

Scottish Fold & Straight • British Shorthair • Persian • Ragdoll • Ragamuffin • Abyssinian

Price range for our available kittens : SGD $3500 - SGD $6900

Why choose us? Frequently Asked Questions

We provide full comprehensive package with every purchase kitten :-

  • - Ownership Contract Agreement

  • - Lifetime customer support hotline post sale & 10% off at every Cat Hotel Stay

  • 1 x Microchip

  • 2 x Vaccination

  • 2 x Deworming

  • 2 x Revolution Treatment 


  • Vet Heallth Certificate 

  • Mandatory Sterilisation (Price Not Inclusive)

  • LitterBox & Furniture Trained

  • Responsible Pet Ownership Session Provided. (Beneficial for all new and experience cat owners)

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If you're interested in purchasing one of our kittens, please reach out for information about which ones we have available and the cost of sending them to your specified country. Our affiliated pet relocation company will provide a quote based on their estimate of how much it will cost, which may vary depending on where you live.


Kindly contact us via

Phone/Whatsapp: +65 6242 4216 / +65 9619 1577


Pet care training session with new cat owners

At Designer Bengal Singapore, we believe that every cat deserves to live with comfort and receive the best possible care from its fur parents. With our dedicated responsible pet ownership session, we prepare every fur parent for the rewarding journey of pet ownership. Our team is committed to answering all your queries and providing solutions to meet your cat's necessities, no matter the concern. As responsible pet owners, it is important to understand your obligations to provide food, grooming, exercise, and enrichments such as toys, games, and love.

Our session also educates cat owners on basic understanding of their cat's needs including daily nutrition and mental health requirements, environmental concerns and dangers of other animals, seasonal changes, and outdoor exposure. By equipping fur parents with the knowledge and skills to better care for their feline companions, we ensure they can provide the best possible cat parenting practices.

Owning a cat comes with a certain level of responsibility, and the Designer Bengal Singapore team is here to enlighten all cat owners with the knowledge and support they need for a successful pet ownership. As a leading pet ownership educator in Singapore, we strive to ensure that all our cats and their fur parents receive the care and attention they deserve.

Kindly contact us personally for latest and updated available kittens for sale.




To learn more, kindly click here for Frequently Asked Questions

Why Many Clients Prefer To Prebook A Kitten At Designer Bengal Singapore?

At Designer Bengal Singapore, we understand the allure and enchantment of bringing a furry feline baby into your life. Our passion for cats knows no bounds, and we have dedicated ourselves to caring these exceptional creatures with love, care, and unmatched dedication. Our commitment to providing you with not just a pet, but a lifelong companion, is why we offer a prebooking procedure that has captured the hearts of countless customers. In this article, we will delve into the reasons why many cat lovers prefer to prebook their kittens with us and explore the array of benefits that come with this choice.


1. Ensuring a Perfect Match:

Prebooking a kitten with Designer Bengal Singapore is like reserving a piece of your heart's desire. Our meticulously planned process means you can secure a kitten that perfectly suits your preferences, be it in terms of breed, colour, pattern, or temperament. By reserving in advance, you guarantee that your future cat is ethically bred for your lifestyle and home.


2. Peace of Mind:

Selecting a feline companion is a lifelong commitment, and we understand that the decision should not be rushed. By prebooking with us, you gain peace of mind knowing that your chosen kitten will receive the utmost care from the very beginning. Our kittens are raised in a nurturing and loving environment, ensuring they are healthy, well-socialised, and ready to adapt seamlessly into your life.


3. Avoiding Disappointment:

The interest for specific kittens is high, and waiting until they are born to secure one might lead to disappointment and missing out on your chance. Prebooking ensures you are ahead of the game and gives you a higher chance of obtaining the kitten you have been dreaming of. There is no need to anxiously wait for litters to be born – your dream kitten is already spoken for!


4. Personalised Experience:

At Designer Bengal Singapore, we cherish the connection between our clients and their future pets. Prebooking offers a personalised experience where you can interact with our team, ask questions, and gain insights into the world of cats. This unique bond allows us to understand your needs better and, in turn, provide you with more suitable options and personalised assistance.


5. Early Bird Perks:

Prebooking a kitten also comes with its fair share of exclusive benefits. You will be among the first to know about new litters, ensuring you have the widest range of choices. Additionally, you will receive updates and pictures of your kitten as they grow, keeping you engaged and excited about the journey.


6. A Trusted Breeder:

Designer Bengal Singapore is not just a pet shop; we are a trusted organisation with a deep-rooted commitment to the welfare of our cats. When you prebook with us, you are investing in a reputable source that takes pride in breeding healthy, happy, and well-adjusted kittens.


In the world of feline companionship, Designer Bengal Singapore is your ultimate gateway to a remarkable journey with a kitten that has been lovingly raised, specifically chosen to fit your life, and guaranteed to bring joy into your home. Our prebooking procedure is your invitation to a world of feline happiness, and we can't wait to share it with you.


Join the Designer Bengal Singapore family, and embark on a unique and heartwarming journey with the kitten of your dreams. Prebook with us today and let us be your trusted partner in creating lasting memories with your future feline companion.

Yes, I am interested to put my name on the prebooking list. How do I proceed?

Thank you for your interest in our adorable kittens! To secure your chosen kitten, we require a 50% upfront non - refundable deposit of the kitten's price. The remaining balance can be settled during your kitten collection. Rest assured, we will provide you with all the relevant details and timeline upon your confirmation, so you can plan and prepare accordingly.

As our clients' satisfaction is our top priority, we provide a comprehensive package that includes a Responsible Pet Ownership session. This session is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to become a responsible pet parent. We will also provide you with an extensive checklist to ensure that you are fully prepared for this amazing journey with your new furkid.

We understand that our clients have personal preferences when it comes to their chosen kitten. Prebooking allows you to have the possibility of options in the litter of your choice. Plus, you will have the priority in the waitlist when a specific breed of litter becomes available.

To discuss your requirements and prebook your chosen kitten, kindly contact us personally at 62424216 / 96191577. Our team will be happy to assist you in every step of the way.

We accept payments by Cash, Cash Cheque, Bank Transfer, Credit Card, PayNow and Atome.
Enquire with us for more information!

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