Professional Cat Grooming 


We offer expert grooming services for all breeds of cats in our petshop boutique where your beloved cats will enjoy the special care and treatment by our professional and friendly staffs. It is our top priority to ensure that your cats are at the most calm and relaxed manner at all times while being preciously handled and cared by us. 

Nail Trimming Pictorial


1) Gently press your cat's paw to reveal the

nail. Do take note where the pink quick is,

because if you cut into it, your cat will bleed.

2) Use a nail clipper to trim only the tip of the nail. Do not cut into the quick (the pink vein in the nail).

3) Trimmed nails! You're welcome! 😉 

Mites Treatment and Control


A box of Revolution contains 3 tubes of selamectin solution.

You are advised to use 1 tube per month, for 3 months consecutively.

Break the seal on one tube and apply directly onto your cat's skin on the neck. This prevents the cat from licking the solution.

Do not shower your cat for the next 7 days from application.

At Designer Bengal Singapore, we recommend using Revolution for Cats to treat and prevent the spread of fur mites, ear mites, fleas and other parasites.