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Change your cat's drinking water, it's important

Cats have acute tastebuds which makes them picky eaters at times. Providing your cat clean water at all times is essential for your cat’s hydration needs.

Many veterinarians recommend filtered water for cats, given its odourless nature and clean taste. Be sure to change your cat’s drinking water regularly and wash the bowl or fountain thoroughly at least once a week.

For water bowls, change the water on a daily basis and wash 🧽 it more regularly for overall hygiene. Water fountains have a much larger capacity than water bowls, so owners can afford to change the water and wash it twice a week.

Cats are naturally attracted to running water sources. As such, water fountains tend to be well-loved by cats, encouraging them to drink more frequently to meet their hydration needs. It is worth investing in a water fountain if you have multiple cats at home or if your cat is not drinking much from a water bowl.

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