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Kittens for sale
kitten for sale in singapore


Experience the captivating world of exotic cats at Designer Bengal, Singapore's most unique cattery that offers an unparalleled selection of exotic kittens for sale. Our reputation as Singapore's best, is built on our commitment to excellence, as evidenced by our NPARKS license, which guarantees that we meet the highest standards of quality and care.

At Designer Bengal, we take pride in offering a diverse range of breeds, each characterized by its unique beauty, temperament, and personality. Choose from the majestic Bengal, the hairless Sphynx, the regal Maine Coon, the playful Munchkin, the luxurious Persian, the affectionate Ragdoll, the dignified British Shorthair, the charming Scottish Fold, or the energetic Abyssinian.

Our kittens are not just pets, but members of our family. They receive the best possible care and attention, ensuring they are healthy, well-trained, and affectionate. Our commitment to excellence means that you can trust us to provide the perfect feline companion for you.

Since the beginning of our journey in this pet industry, we have been in line with our dedication to responsible pet ownership, we prioritize the welfare of our kittens by implementing a mandatory sterilization policy. This strict policy ensures that all our purchased kittens are spayed or neutered at the age of 6 months old with no exception. By promoting responsible sterilisation practices, we aim to contribute to the overall welfare and population control of cats in Singapore. We believe in creating a sustainable and compassionate environment for our feline babies, and our mandatory sterilization policy reflects our commitment to achieving this goal.

Indulge in the ultimate cat lover's experience at Designer Bengal, where you will find a special kitty that is perfect for everyone. Welcome to our world of exotic cats, where beauty, grace, and affection are at your fingertips.


Available Breeds : 

Available Kittens

Kittens for sale in singapore
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Kittens for sale singapore

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Kitten for sale

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Cattery Registration
No. 25097

kittens for sale singapore

HSA Licence
No. POFA2300213

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AVS Licence
No. AS21L00069

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No. FE2100001

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No. 00041

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Cattery Registration
No. 268207

cats for sale singapore

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No. IMTPT2200081

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Kittens for sale in singapore
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Our Boutique Address
Designer Bengal Singapore Pte Ltd
AVS Licence No. AS21L00069
308 Telok Kurau Road #01-13/14/28
Singapore 423858
Contact: 6242 4216 / 9619 1577 / 8870 0666
Operational Hours
Monday - Friday : Strictly by appointment only

Saturday - Sunday : 12.00 pm - 8.00 pm

(Kindly contact us to schedule an appointment
before visiting)
Available Parking Spots
• Along Telok Kurau Road
• Along Telok Kurau Lorong N
• Carpark in front of Vibes@Eastcoast
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