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Elevate your cat's playtime and satisfy their natural instincts with our stylish Cat Scratching Post, available in classic brown and crisp white tones. This 0.8-meter tall delight serves as the perfect play companion for your feline, a true testament to design that meets functionality.


Crafted from robust wood and high-quality sisal material, our scratching post promises durability and longevity. The wood provides a sturdy foundation, while the sisal wrapping is perfect for your cat's claws—it's a natural, non-toxic, and renewable material that allows for rigorous scratching sessions without fraying or damage.


Standing tall at a height of 0.8 meters, this scratching post offers plenty of vertical space for your cat to stretch, climb, and explore. This not only keeps your furry friend entertained but also encourages regular exercise, contributing to their overall physical health.


The colour options  available in brown and white—adds a sophisticated touch, seamlessly blending with your home decor. Whether your aesthetic is modern, rustic, or anything in between, this cat scratching post is a chic and unobtrusive addition.


Beyond its appeal and functionality, our cat scratching post is a proactive solution to protect your furniture from potential cat scratches. It redirects your cat's scratching habits to the post, ensuring your furniture remains intact while fulfilling your cat's natural instincts.


Indulge in our Designer Cats Scratching Post—a cat accessory that effortlessly combines style, practicality, and your cat's well-being. Invest in a product that your feline will love, and your furniture will thank you for!


Colour Options - Brown and White

Product Specifications: 40*40*80cm

Product Weight : 8 Kg

Designer Cats Scratching Post

$109.90 Regular Price
$65.94Sale Price
Colour Option
  • For purchases below $210, there will be a delivery charge of $12 island-wide (except for Sentosa Island and other off-shore islands $18).

    • Delivery every Monday, Wednesday & Friday

    • Same-day delivery cut-off time: 12pm

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