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What should you do when your cat vomits?

Cats vomit for a variety of reasons.

While vomiting a hairball or two is usually harmless for your cat, owners need to be alert if your cat’s vomiting is accompanied with other symptoms such as lethargy, diarrhoea, lack of appetite, a loss of balance and more.

After your cat vomits, refrain from feeding any food or water for the next 4-6 hours. Monitor your cat carefully to observe if it is still alert and active. If there are no accompanying symptoms with the vomiting, you can feed your cat around 25% of its regular diet after 4-6 hours.

If your cat is able to eat and drink without vomiting, you can feed your cat around 50% of its regular diet in the next feed. Give your cat some time to recover from the vomiting by gradually increasing the feed portion over 3-4 sessions before resuming the regular feed amount.

If your cat vomits 3 or more times in a day or there are accompanying symptoms with the vomiting, be sure to bring your cat to the veterinarian for a proper check-up.

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