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The Singapura Cat "Singapore Cat"

Singapore’s National Day   is just two days away so we thought it would be apt to share about one of Singapore’s homegrown cat breeds- the Singapura cat 🐱 !

While the Singapura cat might be one of the smallest domestic cat breeds, they have a big personality not to be underestimated! They have a lot of energy and love nothing more than getting attention and climbing up high to overlook their territory 🤴 . Some even describe them as being “assertive”.

It’s believed that the Singapura cat is a mix of a Burmese and Abyssinian cat, but their origins are unclear. They have several nicknames, “Kopitiam cat” ☕ and affectionately, “drain cat”. But they’ve since been recognised as a natural pedigree breed.

They come in mainly one colour, this sepia tone that gets lighter on their bellies. Their eyes are round and huge for their face, rimmed in black. Lastly, they are known for their blunt, black-tipped tails as well. Grooming is easy for this breed, with little brushing needed. They don’t shed much too.

Do you know where you can find the famous Singapura cat statues in Singapore 😉 ?

You can make an appointment to view our kittens and maybe even bring one home as a lifelong companion!



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