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How To Transition Your Cat To A Raw Food Diet

So you’ve heard all about the benefits of a raw food diet for your cat and want to give it a go. But how do you transition your kitty from their dry kibble diet to a juicy, healthier raw food one 🥩?

1. Start slow 🕰: Place a bowl of Raw Gourmet next to your kitty’s dry food during feeding time to let them get accustomed to the smell of their new food.

2. Start small ⚖: Transitioning will take time and patience. Start off with 20% Raw Gourmet and 80% of their kibble, keep this up for three days then slowly increase the percentage of raw food, three days at a time. You can never go wrong with going even slower, especially if your kitty’s tummy is finicky. 3. Stick to it 🗓: Stick to the plan, but make sure your kitty’s always safe and never without food for more than 24 hours. If your kitty has the runs, cut back on the raw food until her tummy adjusts. Don’t give up! If your kitty has successfully transitioned to eating raw, tag us with #rawgustdbs ! We’d love to hear and see your kitty’s stories. Here’s where to get our lovingly made raw feed for kitties:

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