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How long do cats sleep in a day?

Cats are expert sleepers, clocking an average of 15 hours of sleep in a day!

Kittens can clock up to 20 hours of sleep in a day, given their body’s need to rest and grow. Likewise, senior cats tend to sleep more than the average cat because of their lower energy and activity levels.

As natural predators, cats tend to be most active at dusk and dawn. Sleeping more during a rainy season or winter helps cats conserve their energy, since they do not hunt during such weathers. A dark environment encourages cats to hibernate and sleep more, compared to a bright and well-lit environment.

Unlike humans, cats sleep multiple times in a day. The term ‘catnap’ was coined after researchers discovered that cats spend only up to 75% of their sleep in a light snooze mode. So, don’t be surprised if your cat awakens suddenly from its nap upon hearing an unusual sound or movement.

A well-rested cat is a happy cat!

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