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Choosing The Right Collar For Your Cat

You’ve finally picked up your little ball of fur and your home is all cat-proofed and ready for her to settle in. The last cherry 🍒 on the cake is to put a collar on her. That way, everyone will know that she’s your precious fur baby. But what kind of collar should you get for your cat?

Here’s a list of things you should consider 💭 when choosing a collar for your kitty.

🔔 Bells: A very traditional type of collar, the bell on it serves as a warning system for you and any potential casualties (like birds). Benefit is, you’ll know where your mischievous cat is around the house. The disadvantage is that it might get noisy at night when your kitty’s most active. Not for light sleepers!

🏷 ID Tags: Identification tags are important especially if your cat is an outdoor one. Even indoor cats have a chance of escaping and getting lost! Have your name and number engraved onto your pet’s collar so they can be found easier.

🗺 Cat Tracking Collars: If your cat is an outdoor cat, then this collar may be for you. These collars come with a tracking device so you can always find out where your cat has wandered off to.

🔗 Breakaway Cat Collars: These collars have a mechanism that unclasps under pressure. This is good for cats who constantly get into trouble or get stuck in places. This collar can help save your cat from accidental strangulation.

🦗 Flea Collars: Flea collars emit substances that kill and prevent fleas. They are harmless to your cat though, so fret not!

Make sure your cat always has 2-3 fingers of space between their neck and the collar so that it’s not choking them. Collars not only look nice on your kitties but are extremely helpful in identifying your cats if they’re lost. So choose one that is both comfortable for your cat and suits your needs as well.

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What collar does your cat have? Tell us below!



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