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Delve into the ultimate in feline nutrition with Designer Cats Fresh Gourmet’s Duck Flavour! This exceptional gourmet meal is crafted from 100% natural and fresh ingredients, making it the perfect choice for cat owners dedicated to providing their pets with a well-balanced and nourishing diet.


A key feature of Designer Cats Fresh Gourmet’s Duck Flavour is the unparalleled quality of its ingredients. The duck used in this recipe is sourced from select, ethical farms, ensuring that your cat receives the finest quality protein. Additionally, as a fresh gourmet meal, it preserves all the vital vitamins and minerals essential for your cat's overall health. We prepare it fresh daily.


The excellence of Designer Cats Fresh Gourmet’s Duck Flavour extends beyond the ingredients—it's also in the recipe itself. Our culinary experts have meticulously formulated this meal to provide the ideal blend of protein, fats, and essential nutrients critical for your cat's health. The freshness of the meal enhances digestion and maximizes nutrient absorption, allowing your cat to gain the full benefit from every meal.


Numerous cat owners have already praised Designer Cats Fresh Gourmet’s Duck Flavour! One delighted customer shared, "I've experimented with various brands of cat food, but nothing has pleased my cat as much as Designer Cats Fresh Gourmet’s Duck Flavour. The high-quality ingredients and the careful attention to each batch really make a difference." Another owner commented, "My cat absolutely loves this food! He devours it the moment it’s served, and it’s comforting to know that I’m feeding him something that’s truly beneficial for him."


Choose the best—opt for Designer Cats Fresh Gourmet’s Duck Flavour today and witness the transformative effects on your cat’s health and happiness. With its fresh, natural ingredients and a recipe optimized for health, it’s the superior choice for discerning cat owners.

Freshly Cooked Gourmet - Duck Meat 200gm

$8.50 Regular Price
$6.80Sale Price
  • Beef Spleen, Beef Tripe, Chicken Gizzard, Chicken Thigh, Chicken Neck, Chicken Liver, Sardines, Egg Yolks, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Himalayan Pink Salt, Calcium Powder, Taurine Powder, Fresh Turmeric, Chicken Broth, Slippery Elm, Guar Gum

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