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What type of litter is best for your cat?

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

In a previous post, we’ve covered what kind of litter box is best for your cat. This time around, we’ll be talking all about the litter itself and what you should take note of when choosing the best kind of litter for your cat 😽 .

1. Odourless 🙅 👃 : Cats have a strong sense of smell and may be averse to the scent of the litter. The artificial scents may also cause allergies and respiratory problems.

2. Dust-free ⛔ 💨 : It is best to choose a litter that is as dust-free as you can find. The dust that gets stirred up while the cat uses his litter box may be inadvertently inhaled, causing long-term respiratory issues in your furkid.

3. Fast and Hard Clumping 🍙 : More a matter of convenience, clumping litter forms a hard, solid ball when it comes into contact with liquid, making scooping your cat’s waste much easier than non-clumping ones. Your cats will also have a lesser chance of getting their paws dirty from stepping in urine.

4. Flushable 🌊 🚽 : There are all-natural litters available that are flushable too, minimising the use of plastic bags to get rid of the waste. However, it’s important to make sure that your toilet can withstand the constant flushing of big chunks or they’ll get clogged!

5. Smaller particle size 🔬 👁 : Most cats prefer smaller litter particle sizes as they feel

better on the paws and more closely resemble the sand and dirt in the wildness.

If you’d like to keep your litterbox smelling fresh🌸 , instead of using scented litter which can be harmful to your cats, you can try out our Designer Cats Grooming Powder cum Litter-box Deodoriser, which can be found here

What type of litter is your cat using now? Let us know!

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