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Tips for Training Your Cat

Don’t let anyone tell you cats are less intelligent 🧠 because they refuse to do tricks! They just need to be properly motivated. So before you start teaching tricks to your cat, you need to have a few up your sleeves. Here’s what to prepare:

1. 🎣 Yummy treats - the more your cat likes it, the better it’s going to work.

2. 😴 Right after naptime - this is when your cat’s the most playful and ready to learn

3. 🧘 Patience is key - one trick at a time, no more than 15 minutes of training at one time

4. 🔇 Remove distractions - find a quiet place to train!

5. 🔁 Repeat - and repeat, and repeat (did we say repeat?)

6. 🤓 Be consistent with cues - stick to one per trick

7. ➕ Positive reinforcement - no punishment, just praises and treats when they’ve got it right

And with that, you’re well on your way to teaching your kitty her first few tricks! Let us know your progress, we’d love to hear about the training journey.

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