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The Truth Behind Your Cat's Gifts

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Have you ever caught your cat dropping off a toy, a ball of tissue, maybe even an insect 􀀀or small animal near you? While having a dead lizard, mouse or cockroach dropped off at your bed might not be pleasant for you, try to be tolerant because this is actually your cat’s natural instinct and their way of saying “I love you”💗 .

Big cats in the wild are trained from young by their mothers to stalk, hunt and take down their prey 🐆 . This instinct is still very much alive in your little domestic kitty as well. This is why they love to pounce on their toys and chase after strings and laser pointers. The reason why they are bringing their haul to you is that they treat you like family and are attempting to feed and even teach you how to hunt as well. Much like how their mothers taught them when they were kittens!

One way to curb your kitty’s tendency to bring animals back into the house is by expanding their energy on playing instead. As hunting is an instinct as natural to them as breathing, the trick is to redirect this instinct to playing instead. Moving toys that simulate real prey, like feather wands, strings and laser pointers are best for satisfying the hunting urge within them. Hopefully, by the end of playtime, they’ll be tired out and spend the rest of the day/night napping instead!

Scratching posts and other products keep your kitty entertained too, you can check them out here:

So the next time your cat drops off an unwanted gift, remember that they’re saying they love and care for you, just in their own way.

Has your cat ever brought you unwanted gifts 🎁 ? Tell us what it was in the comments!

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