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The Birman Cats!

Just as the Egyptians worshipped some cats, in Burma, Birman cats were known to be sacred due to their blue eyes resembling that of a goddess 👑 . They usually have adorable white socks 🧦 on their feet and have silky, medium-long fur. You might realise that they usually come in Siamese colours. Some get confused between the Birmans and Ragdolls, and it’s really hard to visually tell them apart! The best way is by checking the cat’s pedigree.

These big cats can be quite private, usually attaching themselves to just one owner. They can get quite jealous if their owner doesn’t shower them with enough attention. So don’t forget to give them some pampering daily💌 !

Compared to the Siamese, these cats are quieter although just as inquisitive. They like to explore every nook and cranny, even those that you didn’t realise you had! They’ll stay close by and occasionally “help out” with your work, which would include pushing pens 🖊 🐾 around and sitting on papers. It’s not much but they’ll say it’s an earnest day’s work!

A simple brushing once a week will keep the Birman happy. They are also content to be left alone at home. If you’d like one of these dreamy cats, book a viewing appointment with us!

Drop three <3 in the comments, if you agree that their blue eyes are the prettiest thing!

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