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Ragdoll cat characteristics

Ragdoll cats are well-known for their sweet temperament and affectionate nature. In spite of their powerful and large bodies, they have fairly low energy levels – making them playful without being overactive .

Unlike most cats, Ragdoll cats love being picked up, carried and cuddled . Exhibiting dog-like characteristics, they can be easily trained to walk on a lease, fetch items, respond to their names, perform tricks and more. Ragdoll cats delight in following their owners around the house and regularly ‘greet’ their owners at the door.

Mild mannered and highly adaptable to people and other pets, Ragdoll cats are the perfect addition to families with young children, elderly owners and owners with limited apartment space. Their lush coats require regular grooming, which makes for delightful bonding time with their owners.

Given their low energy levels, owners need to be mindful about feeding them a high protein, low carbohydrates diet. Providing them with toys and snug places to nap around the house will make Ragdoll cats most happy pets!

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