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How to prevent your cat from getting lost

Maybe it’s because of their sense of curiosity, cats are pretty prone to wandering out of houses and getting lost. So in honour of National Lost Pet Prevention Month this July, we’ll be sharing tips on how to keep your kitty safe and found.

1. Microchip your cat 💾 : A simple and painless procedure for your cats, your vet can help you embed a microchip under the skin of your cat so if they get lost and brought to a shelter or vet clinic, a quick scan will reveal their identity and a way of contacting you.

2. Use a leash or harness 􀀀: If your cat likes exploring the outdoors, always make sure

they are leashed or better yet, on a harness so you can keep them near. Cats have a

higher chance of slipping out of their collars and leashes than a harness, hence the latter is a safer option.

3. Keep windows and doors closed 🚪 : Cats are master contortionists and can be as

stealthy as ninjas. Be sure to keep all exits and possible escape routes closed to avoid

your cat sneaking out when you’re not looking!

4. Pay attention, and be alert ⚠ : If you’re letting your cat explore the outdoors, always keep a hand on their leash and an eye on them. They can be easily spooked and run off, or sneak away when you’re not paying attention.

5. Get a cat collar with a tag 🏷 : A identification tag on your cat’s collar is essential, even if they are indoor cats! In case of any emergencies where you may have gotten separated from your furkid, the ID tag will help others identify your kitty and bring it home.

If your pet really does go missing, you can contact the Animal Response Center (ARC) at 18004761600, or you can post pictures and information about your pet on social media groups.

Prevention’s always better than cure, so take the right preventive measures!

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Has your cat ever gotten lost? Tell us your stories in the comments below!

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