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How To Get A Cat To Like You

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

We’ve all heard about cats’ notorious and aloof personalities. And while this might not apply to all cats, they are definitely more reserved than your average dog 􀀀. But it’s not all that hard to get a cat to befriend you, you just need to know the right body language when approaching a cat. Just like how we would approach another human!

1. Let them make the first move⏳ :

Being too forward with a cat will only cause them to feel threatened and run away. they would rather come up to you to do a sniff check on their own terms. So relax, take a seat and be patient.

2. Don’t stare 👁 👁 :

The next rule in kitty etiquette class is to not stare! While you can admire their cuteness, keep your gaze soft and unthreatening. Blink slowly and relax your eyelids. You may look a little dumb, but this conveys that you’re non-threatening and that the cat is in control instead.

3. Extend a finger in peace👇 ☮ :

Just as we humans have handshakes to say hello, one way to say “hello” to a cat is by

extending a finger out for them to smell. Make sure to keep a little bit of a distance and remember: let the cat come to you!

4. Volume down 🔇 :

Cats get easily startled by sudden movements and loud noises. It’s best to speak gently and softly and try not to make any loud noises. You don’t want a cat to associate you with anything unpleasant.

5. Get feedback 📔 📝 :

As with every kind of language, it is about the exchanges and understanding

between the parties. Cats are great at saying no, they’ll just either walk or scamper

away. Respect their boundaries and don’t go chasing after them.

6. Cheat with treats 😋 🍖 :

Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone! Be it a piece of dry snack or their favourite treat, the cat will associate you with pleasant memories and feelings. Catnip works for some cats too, so try your luck. That’s enough kitty etiquette! Spending more time with the cat can also help foster bonds. We have plenty of products like grooming kits to help you out

Do cats and animals naturally love you? Let us know down below!



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