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How high can a cat jump?

Those of you with feline friends would know that keeping them off your counters, shelves and tables is no easy feat.

That’s because jumping is a cat’s natural instinct. Their powerful hind legs and fast-twitch muscles act like springs to propel them upwards and their tail helps them balance. Getting to high places keeps them away from potential dangers and helps them hunt prey like small birds.

Despite how tubby and lazy your cat may look, a cat can jump up to 5-6 times their height, measured by the distance from the ground to their shoulders. That’s approximately 150 - 180cm ​!

Of course, factors like age, weight, and breed will affect how high your cat can jump. Cats with shorter statures like Munchkins can’t jump as high as a Bengal cat. Kittens and senior cats with arthritis also can’t jump as high as average adult cats.

The best way to keep your cats off your shelves and counter-tops is to provide them with their own approved place! You can find some cat trees and other cat products here:

So what is your cat’s favourite high spot to hang out? Let us know in the comments!



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