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How Fast Can Cats Run?

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Try as you might but you can never outrun   an average house cat at top speed. Even Usain Bolt can’t!

If you’re a cat owner, you might have seen your cat getting the zoomies. They speed up and down the hallways as if spooked 👻 or excited ✨ about something. It may already seem fast to you, but they can go even faster than that. Domestic cats can reach speeds of up to 48 kilometers/hour, that’s about the speed of a car 🚗 on the road!

Don’t worry, it’s not you and your sedentary lifestyle (although it adds up). One of the reasons why cats can run so fast is because their bodies are much more aerodynamic than ours. With small skulls and a flatter, skinnier body, they experience less air resistance when they run 🌬 .

Their spines are extremely flexible (that’s why cats seem liquid), giving them a spring-like ability to stretch and compress to cover a greater distance in a shorter time. They also walk and run on their toes instead of their feet, unlike us humans. This means they can push off much faster. Of course, it helps that their muscles are also more muscular and more powerful, which helps rocket them faster. They use both of their hind legs when running, giving them that added power for push off.

So remember that if you ever somehow win against your cat in a game of chase or in a race, your kitty was probably letting you off lightly.

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