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Explaining Your Cats' Zoomies

Patter patter patter … You’ve probably heard the sound of your kitty scampering in and out of rooms or up and down the stairs. In a blur of fur, they zip past you, sometimes even tripping you up. As long as she doesn’t knock down any precious decor, all’s good 😌 . *Phew*

Our kitty-cats sleep 😴 for the most part of the day, which means they have a lot of stored energy that needs to be let out. So the zoomies, as these little laps are called, are a great way for them to burn off all that energy 🔋 . Some cats also get the zoomies when they are happy or excited, so sometimes you may notice your cat getting the zoomies after a poop as there is a happy nerve involved. (TMI much? 💩 )

But if you notice your cat having the zoomies frequently or would like them to have fewer zoomies, perhaps it’s time to increase the amount and intensity of your kitty’s playtime. This way, you can control the play and reduce the chances of accidents happening.

But if you’re a veteran cat owner, you’ll agree that you’ve already gotten used to those odd-hours, erratic flashes of cat lightning zipping through your halls.

When does your cat get the zoomies or do they ever at all? Share with us!

Our cats get happy zoomies after feeding time! That’s because they get to eat our yummy Fresh Gourmet Kibbles and so can your kitties too:



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