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Devon Rex cat characteristics

These elf-ish looking kitties have an imp-like personality to match. Characterised by their goofy big ears and large mischievous eyes on a triangular face, Devon Rexes are fun-loving and have a sociable personality rarely associated with cats.

Although they come in a variety of colours and patterns, they are easily distinguished from Sphynx cats or other Rexes by their curly coats. Their soft fur is very fragile and even brushing can cause their fur to break off permanently. Just rubbing them down with a soft cloth is enough to keep them well-groomed, but they do need occasional bathing to rid the grease build-up.

These feline clowns just love goofing around and staying close to you. Their playful and outgoing personality makes them perfect playmates with children. It is not encouraged to leave these social creatures alone without companionship for long.

Devon Rexes are intelligent cats and are easy to train. They can even learn difficult tricks and learn to play fetch! But this also means that they can get wilful and refuse to learn at times and can’t go long without stimulation.

If you’re looking for a loving companion to go on road trips with, a Devon Rex may be the perfect partner-in-crime for you. You can drop us a message to book a cat viewing session at:

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