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Dealing with Cat Dandruff

Have you been noticing white flakes on your cat’s fur or on your bedding? Normal cats shed dead skin cells- that’s normal and it’s called cat dander. But if the white flakes are enough to catch your attention and cause alarm ⏰, it may be cat dandruff. Like humans, cat dandruff is dry, flaky skin that drops off your kitty.

There are many reasons why your cat may be having a dandruff problem. Skin allergies, infections, poor grooming or build-up of undercoat, or poor nutrition are some common reasons. Some reasons may be more severe, like cancer, autoimmune diseases or other underlying diseases. If your cat’s dandruff problem is accompanied by other issues, it’s best to bring them to the vet ASAP.

Naturally, the treatment would depend on the cause of your cat’s 🐈 dandruff. Perhaps your vet will prescribe some lotions to treat your cat’s dry skin. Or perhaps they’ll prescribe antifungal creams if the cause is an infection.

Keeping your cats’ skins and coats healthy starts with a balanced diet and our Raw Gourmet feed will do the trick. Or



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