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Cleaning your cat’s eyes

Cats have bright and beautiful eyes that need regular cleaning.

Most cats do not like having their eyes cleaned, so be extra mindful to be gentle and make your cat comfortable before you start the session. Choosing a time when your cat is feeling relaxed and feeding some treats is most recommended for a smooth eye cleaning session.

Prepare a bowl of dampened cotton balls or cloths for the eye cleaning session. Wipe around your cat’s eyes gently in a downwards circular motion while making sure to avoid the eyeballs. Use a new cotton ball or cloth for each wipe to prevent infection. Praise your cat and gently dry the face with a soft cloth after the session.

If you notice your feline friend tearing or having eye discharge, do increase your frequency of eye cleaning for increased hygiene and overall comfort.

If you need help grooming your feline friend, book a professional cat grooming session with us at today!

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