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Catproofing your home with mesh

It is the duty of every responsible cat owner to ensure that the home is adequately catproofed for safety before bringing your new cat home.

Cats are well-known for being great contortionists, given their slim bodies beneath their fluffy coats. There are various options for catproofing your home; plastic mesh, metal mesh, safety nets and invisible grilles.

Plastic mesh and metal mesh are easily purchasable at most outdoor home furnishing stores, which owners can self-install with cable ties. Safety nets are sturdy and non-permanent, allowing it to adapt to any space required. Invisible grills tend to be well-customised with gaps as narrow as 3.2cm. Whichever option you choose, it is recommended that per gap does not exceed 5cm.

Cats are most curious animals with super burst of energy levels. Regardless of your housing type, meshing your windows and gate will help keep your feline friend safe.

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