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Cat safety at home

Cats are energetic and inquisitive creatures by nature. They love to roam around the house to explore and play with anything they can lay their paws on.

Thus, it is the responsibility of every cat owner to ensure that the house is safety proofed before bringing your feline friend home.

Previously, we talked about safe indoor plants for your cat. In addition, always ensure that you keep hazardous items, medications and supplements safely locked up, away from your cat’s sight and reach. Tie up your curtain loops and blind cords to avoid your cat getting entangled with them. Electric cords should be well secured or covered up to prevent your cat from chewing on them.

Be extra mindful with the usage of candles, mothballs, essential oils and potpourri as they tend to be toxic to cats. Use indoor bins with well covered lids to prevent your cat from playing with the waste items. Always check that you power down all idle electrical appliances, close your washer and dryer doors tightly and keep your toilet seat lids down.

Keep your cat safe and be sure to look out for our posts on cat home tips from the experts. Check us out at



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