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Cat growth stages

Cats generally go through 6️ growth stages with different nutrition needs at each stage.

1️. Kitten (birth to 6 months old): Newborn kittens are blind and deaf, given that their eyes and ears are closed. They gradually start opening their eyes and ears at 2 weeks old, taking time to focus their sight and learning to balance themselves on their feet to walk. Given the natural curiosity of kittens, they are extremely active and playful. Coupled with their high metabolism, kittens need to be fed a special diet that is rich in protein, in small portions frequently throughout the day.

2️. Junior (7 months old to 2 years old): Junior cats tend to be calmer and less playful, compared to their kitten stage. Slowly transit your junior cat to an adult food diet when it is 1 year old to ensure that it gets the necessary nutrients it needs for its continued growth.

3️. Prime (3 years old to 6 years old): Prime cats cease growing in size, as they continue to hone their agility and show more of their innate characteristics. Keeping a healthy diet helps to support their activity levels while promoting a smooth coat and strong overall health.

4️. Mature (7 years old to 10 years old): Mature cats are less active, compared to their prime stage. Adjust your cat’s diet accordingly to its activity level to avoid weight gain and obesity. Vitamin supplements can be introduced to help boost your cat’s immunity from this stage onwards.

5️. Senior (11 years old to 14 years old): Senior cats tend to have lower food intake, compared to mature cats. Regular health check-ups and monitoring of your cat’s health through regular grooming sessions is well recommended.

6️. Geriatric (15 years old and above): Geriatric cats will show obvious signs of aging with slower movements, greater lethargy and a significant loss of shine in their coats. You may need to start reminding cats in this stage to eat and drink, while being mindful to balance your cat’s decreased diet with vitamin supplements.

Feed your cat well for a happy, healthy friend at home! 😽

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