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Are Cats Night Owls Or Do They Follow Our Sleep Schedules?

🌙 You’ve probably heard that cats are nocturnal creatures. But that’s actually a myth. Cats are in fact crepuscular, meaning they are more awake at dawn and at dusk. You’ve probably been rudely awoken by your kitty precious minutes before your alarm ⏰ has rung, right?

But cats can be conditioned to follow your schedule so your precious sleep won’t get disturbed, especially in the middle of the night. Here’s how.

1. ✅ Don’t reward their behaviour: Ignoring them when they’re demanding attention at the wrong time will prevent reinforcing the behaviour.

2.   Play at times you want, consistently: Condition your cat to think “evening” is slightly earlier by engaging them in high-energy activities earlier and keep at it! Cats are creatures of habit, after all.

3. 🥫 Schedule meal time around your time: For example, feeding them a little bit before your bedtime will stop your cat from waking you for a meal in the middle of the night.

4. 🧶 Daytime enrichment: Leave toys and things for your kitty to do even when you’re not available to play! That way, they can expand their own energy before sleepytime.

5. 🫵 Don’t punish your cat: Nothing good will come out of punishing your cat except for a strained relationship.

So there you have it. Start a schedule and stick to it! Cats form habits fast and they’ll be following your daily schedule in no time.

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Does your cat wake you up before your alarm?

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