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All About The American Bobtail

As their name suggests, the distinctive quality of these cats is their short bobtails! Their tails are only one to four inches long, almost one-third the length of the average cat’s. The way their little tails wriggle when they get excited is an adorable sight to behold 🥺 . You’ll just want to give their tails a boop!

They also have wild facial features and a long rectangular body but don’t be fooled by their appearance, they are warm and devoted cats who make the best companions. Fairly sociable, these cats will enjoy following you around and even out to the park on walks. They’ll also extend this hospitality to your family and friends, warming up to strangers quickly. These cats make excellent therapy cats due to their mild, easy-going temperament 😽 .

Their favourite games are fetch and hide-and-seek. They’ll never tire of the game! American Bobtails will come to you and engage you in play, chirping and trilling when they are excited. They tend to shed a little so brush them a few times a week to get rid of any loose hair.

Don’t you think they’re like a watered-down version of the wild bobcat? What do you think of these bunny-tailed 🐇 kitties?

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