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All About Somali Cats

Updated: May 16, 2023

Isn’t she looking dapper and sharp?

somali cats for sale singapore

You might notice that Somali cats look a lot like Abyssinian cats and you’re absolutely right! They came from the same roots, except Somali cats have long furs. While they come in a variety of colours but the signature has got to be the Abyssinian red and ruddy tones 🏜️.

Somali cats are naturally active and playful, so they can easily manage their own weight as long as they are given ample space and height to run and play🧶. Social creatures, it’ll be good to have other cats around to keep them company when you’re not home. Their fur, although long, is not dense so a daily brushing will keep them soft and silky.

Drop three 🐱s in the comments if you agree that their fur’s so pretty!

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