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All About Siamese Cats

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Siamese cats are easily distinguishable by their recognisable “seal points”; brown-grey ombre markings around their feet and snout area, although they now come in a variety of different colours and tones as well 🌈 .

Chatty creatures 👄 , Siamese cats will vocalise their opinions- loudly- so be prepared for long conversations with this breed and do take their advice seriously! These people lovers will want to be included in everything you do and will try to “help”, whether you’re eating, cleaning or sleeping 😴 . These cuddle bugs don’t like to be left alone for too long so it’ll be wise to get a pair of Siameses to keep each other company if you’ll be away from home for long periods in the day.

Playtime is probably a Siamese cat’s favourite time. They are one of the few cats who like to play fetch, which is why they are known for being more dog-like instead of cat-like. Climbing posts, puzzle toys and chasers 􀀀are all loved by this playful breed.

With their silky short coats, Siamese cats do not shed much, so a weekly quick brushing to help remove loose hair will be more than sufficient.

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Take a guess as to which country you think Siamese cats have the longest history in! No cheating! Hint: it’s in the name. Tell us in the comments below.

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