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All About Norwegian Forest Cats

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Don’t these cats look like perfect, regal predators 🐅 ? And they are! Native to Norway (hence the name), Norwegian forest cats evolved naturally without the help from humans for hundreds of years, hunting rodents and small birds in the wild 🐥 .

Their long, fluffy fur, which comes in a variety of colours and patterns, are actually waterproof! Born to survive in the snow, the inner layers of fur stay dry and warm, even if their outer coat gets wet. Some ‘Wegies’, as they are affectionately called, also have Lynx ears, which means that they have tufts of fur growing at the tip of their ears like a Lynx cat. A reason why these cats look so powerful is due to their size and stature. Being muscular, large cats with a pair of longer hind legs that make their rumps perk up more than the rest of the body, they exude an air of royalty 👑 and strength.

These cats are attached to their human partners but aren’t exactly lap cats 🛋 . While they like to be nearby, they are pretty independent creatures and will prefer to have their own personal space. Norwegian forest cats are content being left alone, as long as they have high perches and windows 🏙 to look out of.

As they have long, dense furs, their coats require regular grooming and brushing. Twice a week is recommended. Be sure to work any tangles out gently so your Wegie won’t get hurt! These mild-mannered cats are perfect to have around as gentle, quiet companions.

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What do you think of these regal Norwegian forest cats?

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