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Abyssinian Cats

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Long believed to have originated from Abyssinia, the old name for Ethiopia, recent genetic studies suggest that Abyssinian cats originated from parts of Southeast Asia, near the coast of the Indian Ocean.

Abyssinian cats are short-haired cats with a distinctive and beautiful ticked coat, where each hair is banded with different colours. Their coat bears a close resemblance to that of wild cats, such as cheetahs and cougars.

With its lean body, regal aura and natural gracefulness, Abyssinian cats are regularly compared to ancient Egyptian cat statues. They come in various colours with a reddish-brown, blue, chocolate and lilac being the common colours.

Highly intelligent and active, Abyssinian cats delight in being the centre of attention and spending time with their owners. Constantly on the move, Abyssinian cats relish playtime, learning tricks and playing games that stimulate their minds. Highly social, they adapt quickly to children and other animals.

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