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What are mites and how to treat?

Mites are microscopic parasites that feed on humans, animals and plants🪴.

Cats are susceptible to mites infestations, resulting in hair loss and excessive scratching to relieve the itch. Small orange dots spread across its skin or a black liquid in its ears likely indicates mites infestations.

It is essential that cat owners check the overall condition of their cat’s coat and skin daily, while staying alert to any unusual and excessive scratching behaviour.

At Designer Bengal Singapore, we use Revolution (selamectin) to treat mites infestations for cats above 8️ weeks old. Each box of Revolution contains 3️ tubes of selamectin solution, to be applied directly onto your cat’s skin on the neck one tube per month for 3️ consecutive months. It is recommended that you wait 7️ days after the application to shower your cat.

Revolution (selamectin) can be purchased from our website at Be sure to keep your cats healthy and happy!

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