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Toyger Cats

2022 is the lunar year of the tiger! With its amazingly beautiful tiger-like looks, Toyger cats are capturing the hearts of many around the world!

Drawing its name from a combination of the words “toy” and “tiger”, Toyger cats share many similar characteristics with the Bengal cat.

Friendly and affection, Toyger cats adapt well to children and other animals. Highly intelligent, they love puzzles and interactive games. Teaching them tricks and training them to walk on a leash, usually comes as a breeze to their owners.

Toyger cats double up as lap cushions for their owners for extra warmth. With their high energy levels and short thick coat, regular grooming of their fur and nails is recommended to keep them healthy and your furniture safe from scratches. Beneath their endless energy is a sweet and loving heart that endears them to many.

Take time to visit the Singapore zoo to see a tiger in its full majesty or book an appointment with us to view a Toyger cat at and be captivated by its amazing looks!

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