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The Power of Your Cat's Whiskers

Have you gone up close and personal to a cat and observed its whiskers? Perhaps you may not have known but these whiskers are much like your cat’s personal magic wands 🪄 🌟 .

These sensory hairs feel differently than how you would expect. They pick up the tiniest movements in the air, be it a breeze 🌬 or movements. They do this by picking up the vibrations in the air. When it’s dark and visibility is low, your cat will stir up the air and the vibrations that bounce back off objects 🍃 help them find their favourite toys. Sort of like an insect’s antenna🐜 ! These whiskers are also why your cat has excellent balance and can always land on its feet.

For us, these tickly whiskers also help us gauge our otherwise stoic-looking fur friends’ expressions. When they’re interested in something, their whiskers will point towards the object exploratory. You can try this out! Present something foreign to your cat, like a fruit, and watch how the whiskers move as it starts to investigate.

So learn to appreciate these prickly hairs, even if they occasionally tickle you awake in the middle of the night. They’re essential to your cat so don’t pluck or cut them!

Keep those whiskers (and the rest of your cat) in the best condition with the right vitamins and supplements:

What interesting things have you observed about your cat’s whiskers?

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