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The best toys to play with your cat

Cats love playtime! While cats are mostly contended to play on their own, playing with your feline friend makes for a perfect bonding session between owner and pet.

Natural predators, cats are built to hunt, chase and explore new items in their environment. A well-designed cat toy will satisfy your feline friend’s instincts to jump, interact and catch. Best cat toys include teaser wands, laser beams, rubber balls, toy mice and fishing rods. If you are into making your own cat toys, consider a cat charmer using colourful fabric 🧶 or a maze using cardboards. Alternatively, if your cat spends long hours home alone, invest in a robot cat toy or a sophisticated scratching post.

Playtime helps to ensure that your cat stays active and healthy, especially in a full indoor environment or being the only pet at home. Sufficient and satisfying playtime keeps your feline friend happy, while protecting your furniture.

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