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The Best Kinds of Floorings For Your Cat

Maybe you’re buying a new house 🏠 or renovating your old one and you want the place to be just as comfortable for you as it is for your precious fur kid. “So what kind of floorings does Kitty like?” You might be asking. Well, we’ve got you covered. Literally.

When looking for cat-friendly floorings, you’ll want to consider these:

1. Durability (to withstand those deadly claws)

2. Porosity (for when Kitty vomits or has pee accidents)

3. Noise (when Kitty has the zoomies at 3 am)

4. Traction (so Kitty can run freely… at 3 am)

5. Comfort (we know Kitty has a soft spot for soft spots)

Bamboo, vinyl and tile floorings are some of the best choices for cat owners like you. They are durable, easy to clean 🧽 and match almost every decor available. Throw in a couple of rugs and washable carpets as noise dampeners and for comfort and Kitty will be purring in her new home in no time.

We have other products that are suitable for both cats and humans! Check them out here:

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