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Sphynx Cats

Sphynx cats are well-characterised by their lack of fur.

Originating from Canada, Sphynx cats owe their hairlessness to a natural genetic mutation. Their very fine coat of hair on their skin feels like leather to the touch.

Given their lack of fur, they lose body heat easily and are best kept indoors away from cold environments.

Despite the Sphynx cats aloof looks, they are extremely extroverted and playful. Sphynx cats love company and snuggling up to their owners to keep warm. They are welcoming towards strangers, children and other pets in the family.

A born entertainer, Sphynx cats have high energy levels that requires regular feeding throughout the day. While their looks may be unusual, they are most fun and affectionate, quickly winning them the hearts of their owners.

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