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Should cats be locked up?

Locking your cat up has been a debatable question for many cat owners.

Cats are well-known nocturnal animals, curious, playful and with sharp night vision to catch prey for fun and show. Should you lock your cat up when you have guests over or at night before you head to bed, so your sleep will not get disrupted?

So long the room is cat-proofed and has all your cat’s essential needs like food, water, sleeping area, litter box and toys, you can safely lock your cat up for a reasonable period of time. Make the room as comfortable as possible for your feline friend. Ensure that the room has some lighting like natural sunlight or a nightlight. Create some hiding spots or put a scratching post in the room to up the fun element for your cat.

You can include a personal item of yours in the room, like a pillow or t-shirt, to help your cat feel safe and relaxed with your scent. You can orientate your cat to the room by playing with it or putting an armchair in the room for you to sit on when you check in on your cat.

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