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Scottish Fold Cats

Scottish Fold cats have ‘folded’ ears due to a natural genetic mutation, making them look owl-like with their round heads.

They are sweet and affectionate cats, generally good-natured and adjust well to older children and other animals in the family. Highly intelligent and playful, Scottish Fold cats bond with their owners quickly and prove to be extremely loyal and attentive to their owners.

Scottish Fold cats have a unique repertoire of meows and purrs, which often amuses listeners. Being good eaters and generally indoor cats, owners need to pay extra care to their cats’ diet and nutritional consumption.

Be extra mindful when handling Scottish Fold cats’ tails, which can sometimes be stiff due to a degenerative joint disease. If your cat shows signs of pain when its tail is touched, do bring it to a proper check up for its overall wellness and comfort.

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