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We’re officially one day into August- it’s also Rawgust 🥩🍖🍗! During Rawgust, we celebrate eating ‘raw’, be it for humans or pets. That means cutting down on processed foods and having them all in the most natural state.

For our friends new around here, feeding your pets raw feeds can bring about many benefits like improved skin and fur health, decreased risk of urinary tract infections, help manage weight gain and more. Our own meticulously formulated brand of raw feed, Designer Cats Raw Gourmet, contains no preservatives and fillers. We’ll only serve the best to those pampered kitties!

In celebration of Rawgust, send over pictures or videos of your pet eating their raw food diet and tag #rawgustdbs on Instagram or Facebook. We may feature your little su-paw-stars 🤩 on our page!

Get your Raw Gourmet packs here:

Do you feed your pets a raw diet? Tell us about your experience!



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