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Ragamuffin cats are known as the teddy bear of cats with its calm and gentle temperament. Highly affectionate and lap friendly, Ragamuffin cats make a perfect match with children, elderly and owners with mobility issues.

They adapt easily to any home environment with their undemanding nature and low exercise needs. Ragamuffin cats have big, expressive eyes that melt hearts. The fur around its head makes it look bigger than it truly is and its ears are slightly triangular. Their soft, plush and silky coat need weekly brushing to maintain its overall texture and cleanliness.

Sweet and smart, Ragamuffin cats are extremely friendly and most willing to learn tricks, sit in a stroller or cat carrier, be cuddled by children and walk on a leash.

Given its low exercise needs, it is important for owners of Ragamuffin cats to be extra mindful about its daily diet to avoid obesity issues.

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