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National Pet Preparedness Month 2022

How prepared are you in the case of an emergency?

Living in safe and peaceful Singapore, we’re probably not as prepared as we would like to think. For those of us with fur kids, it’s just as important to plan for yourself and your family as it is to have a contingency plan for your fur baby as well.

As June is National Pet Preparedness Month, here’s a list of things you can prepare in advance, in case of an emergency.

  1. Identification: It’s always recommended to microchip your cat and you can do so easily at any veterinary clinic. This allows your cat to be easily identified and returned to you should you end up separated from them!

  2. Shelter: Most houses in Singapore come equipped with bomb shelters for emergencies. If your house doesn’t come with one, locate the nearest shelter in your neighbourhood so you know where to go when disaster strikes.

  3. An Emergency Kit: Making an emergency kit for your pets with a few days’ worth of food and water, medication, veterinary records and poop bags or litter is often overlooked but extremely important! Store them together with your own emergency supplies and it’s best to keep them in your bomb shelter if you have one.

  4. Have A Plan: You can never go wrong with preparing in advance. Talk to your family about emergency evacuation plans or run through possible shelters in your head. That way, you can keep your cool when disaster really strikes.

While we’re blessed with little to no natural disasters in Singapore, it’s always good to be prepared and ever ready for any case of emergency. Don’t get complacent and the rule of thumb is to always stick together!

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Is your cat microchipped? Let us know in the comments!

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