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National Kitten Day!

10th of July is National Kitten Day 🐈 , a day where we give our appreciation to our little purring furballs of joy. This day also serves as a reminder that there are many more kittens out there in need of a loving home.

It just so happens that National Kitten Day falls on the same date as Hari Raya Haji 💚 , so it’s a cause for double celebration! Holidays are also reminders to spend more quality time with our family and by extension, our furkids, so here are some ideas on how you can spoil them rotten (not that you needed more help).

1. Get them a new toy: Or make one yourself! Your kitties will enjoy the new stimulation and it will definitely pique new curiosity.

2. Take a selfie with them: Family portraits are a must. When was the last time you took a picture with your cat, not just of them? 📸 Be sure to tag us! We would like to see your adorable kittens.

3. Set a feast: Give them a bit more of their favourite canned food or let them try out our own premium line of cat feed. Whichever it may be, today’s the one day your kitty can have a little bit more loving than usual.

4. More love: Shower them with kisses 💕 , add extra play time, and groom them with their favourite brush. Get their little engines purring!

5. Get a new kitten: Maybe you’ve been chewing on this thought for a while. Why not seize the chance and holiday cheer? Give a kitten a new home. You can book a session with us to view our adorable little kittens.

Send in pictures of your kitties and you or tag us in your photos! Use the hashtag

#designerbengalsingapore to show off your fur-babies. Happy National Kitten Day in


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